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11th January 2014 - What we're up to next....

So it’s 2014 and much stuff already in the pipeline: Here’s what we’re up to in the next couple of months.

We kick off with a return to one of our very favourite venues, the Roebuck in Burton-on-Trent on Sunday 2nd February: early doors, 5.30 kick-off. The Roebuck is a rare thing; a pub full of people that actually seem to like music, rather than just the noise it makes (if you know what we mean).

On Saturday 15th we’re back at the Chestnut Tree on the Mansfield Road in Sherwood. Haven’t played there for a while, but a local’s opinion at a previous gig was “You’re so much better than most of the s**t we have here!” We’ll take it as a compliment......

Then onto a new venue, the Wetmore Whistle, also in Burton, on Saturday 22nd. Looking forward very much to this one as it’s a place that really focuses on live music, and it’s taken us ages to get a gig there. If you’re in the area, or can get to the area, please come along and give us, and it, some support.

March sees another debut, at the Corn Mill in Beeston/Chilwell/Toton (wherever it is, but very local for most of us). 28th March, a Friday night for a change, and should see a good turnout from friends, family and workmates. Plenty of other gigs lined up, and more to come as the diary fills up. We’re pretty happy to do one or two a month: fits with our other commitments, and we’d get bored if we did too many.... Hope to see you at a gig or two this year!

11th November 2013

What a fantastic night at The Wyggeston, Burton-on-Trent on Saturday. We celebrated the birthday of our greatest supporter in style! Thank you to everybody there who made it such a great night for the birthday girl.

28th October 2013

Another brilliant evening the Roebuck in Burton yesterday. Always a great music loving crowd! We're back in Burton at The Wyggeston a week on Saturday (9th Nov).

30th September 2013

Thanks to all at The Coach & Horses, Anstey on Saturday; a great night was had by all. Next gig is at the Roebuck in Burton on 27th October.

8th September 2013

Truly excellent night at The Wheel Inn, Branston last Saturday. Great crowd, and thanks to Tom & Matt who run a fantastic pub.

We're back at The Coach & Horses, Anstey tonight; should be another good one!

28th September 2013

Great night at Greyhound Inn in Arnold yesterday; first time we've played there and we had a blast! Hopefully we'll be back there again in 2014.

28th August 2013

New gig announcement; we'll be playing at a new venue for us "Greyhound Inn" in Arnold, Nottingham on Sat 7th September 2013.

16th June 2013

Great gig at The Three Nuns, Loughborough last night! Thanks to everyone there for making it such a fun night. We'll be back there in November.

19th May 2013

New video uploaded from our Eagle Tavern gig on 20th April 2013. Go here to watch it.

21st April 2013

Fantastic night at The Eagle Tavern, Heage last night. Probably the best night we've had there! Thanks to all there for making such a special gig. We'll be back there in November.

11th March 2013

Great gig on Sunday afternoon at The Roebuck, Burton-on-Trent. New venue for us, and we loved it!. We'll be back there in June.


Breaking News! (10th February 2013)

It is with great sadness, tinged with a sense of aural relief, that we’ll be losing our really rather loud drummer Jez after three-and-a-half terrific years. Family and work call back Down South, and his last gig with us will be at the Roebuck in Burton on Trent on the 10th of March. However, we have a superb replacement primed and ready to go. Good luck to both of them!


1st January 2013

Thanks to everyone at The Wheel Inn, Branston last night. Great New Years Eve gig! We hope to be back there again in 2013.

16th December 2012

Thanks to all at The Coach & Horses, Anstey last night. Great completely bonkers crowd who love their music! See you again in May 2013.

25th November 2012

Great gig last night at The Wyggy in Burton-on-Trent. Thanks to Shirley and a fantastic crowd! We'll be back in 2013.

18th November 2012

Great night yesterday at the Jacksdale Social Club. Thanks to everyone who got up to dance! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves; we're back in June 2013.

28th October 2012

Thanks to everyone at The Three Nuns, Loughborough last night. As always, a great crowd and a pleasure to play for you all. We'll see you back there again in 2013.

17th October 2012

The upcoming gig at The Three Nuns, Loughborough on 27th October is back on! The planned pub refurbishment won't now start until the 29th, so we will be there on the 27th, rockin' away! Hope to see you there.

1st October 2012

The venue for the 15th December gig has been changed.
It will now be at The Coach & Horses, Anstey, Leics.

7th September 2012

Unfortunately, tonight's gig at the beer festival at The Full Moon, Morton has been cancelled at the last minute. All the weekend's music has been cancelled, due to a licensing issue. Sorry! Many thanks to Jim Connolly, who tried his level best to rescue the situation.

4th September 2012

First gig after our summer break is on friday, playing at the beer festival at The Full Moon, Morton. Hopefully Jez is getting more sleep now after the summer's new arrival....

14th July 2012

Congratulations to Dawn of the Dumb's drummer Jez on the birth of his son yesterday. Mother and baby are both doing well. Get a pair of drumsticks into his hands as soon as possible, Jez!

20th May 2012

Thanks to everyone at The New Carrington Inn yesterday; we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We'll see you again in December.

26th March 2012

New gig announced at The New Carrington Inn, Nottingham on 19th May.

5th March 2012

Many thanks to Alex Finlay for taking some great photographs of us at the Cotton Mills gig on 23rd February. You can see his photos on the 1st page of our gallery.

Check out Alex's website for more information and details of his other work here.

4th March 2012

Thanks to all at the Three Nuns, Loughborough last night - a great gig with lots of people up dancing. We'll see you all again in October.

27th Feb 2012

Brilliant night at The Wyggeston, Burton-on-Trent on Saturday. Thanks to everyone there - we can't think of a gig we've enjoyed more! We're back there on 30th June.

28th Jan 2012

What an audience at the Hare & Hounds, Warsop last night! Fantastic night had by all; we love playing for you guys. We'll be back for another gig later in the year.

13th Nov 2011

Thanks to everyone at The Eagle Tavern, Heage for a great night. We'll see you all again next year!

10th Oct 2011

New gigs announced for 2012. See gigs page for details.

23rd Sept 2011

Next friday's (30th Sept) gig at The Old Marina has been cancelled.

17th Sept 2011

Thanks to everyone at The Hare & Hounds, Warsop for another great gig last night We'll see you all again in January 2012.

1st Sept 2011

The Eagle Tavern, Heage gig has been re-arranged for Sat 12th Nov 2011.

14th July 2011

Congratulations to Phil, the Dawn of the Dumb bassist, and his lovely wife on the birth of their new baby daughter.

12th June 2011

Very appreciative audience for last night's great gig at The Chestnut Tree, Sherwood. Hopefully we'll be back there later in the year.

28th May 2011

Thanks to the Hare & Hounds in Warsop for a phenomenal atmosphere at last night's gig. We're back there again in September.

8th May 2011

Great gig at the Poet & Castle, Codnor last night. Great crowd, very supportive and friendly. Andrea the manager says she'll definitely have us back there again next year.

10th April 2011

Thanks to all at the Wyggeston, Burton-on-Trent at our gig last night for such a great atmosphere. Thanks especially to the bar staff for showing everyone the way with their dancing!

20th March 2011

Brilliant atmosphere at our gig last night at the Eagle Tavern in Heage! One of our favourite venues to play. Hopefully will be back there later this year.

13th March 2011

Great gig last night at the Three Nuns! Thanks to the good people of Loughborough for their phenomenal support, as usual. Back to The Eagle Tavern, Heage next Saturday; another great venue with top local support.

19th Feb 2011

Dawn of the Dumb is now on twitter!
Why? Er....well everyone else is, and we were starting to feel left out.

12th Dec 2010

Had a great gig on friday night, playing The Greyhound in Beeston for the first time. Thanks very much to Ed Marchewicz for taking some photos of us. You can find these in the gallery (the first 6 photos).