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About Us

We are pop/rock covers band based in Nottingham, playing gigs chiefly in and around the East Midlands (Nottinghamshire, South Derbyshire, North Leicestershire, etc.) though we'll consider anywhere if the price is right and/or it looks like a laugh.

We initially formed in May 2008. Jez joined us in June 2009 on the drums, and we had a fantastic 3½ (ish) years with him. Jez left to move back down south in March 2013, for work and family reasons. At least, that's what he told us.

We play a wide range of songs from the 60's up until almost now, with a few detours down the lesser trod byways of the great world of music. We're not, however, a typical "function band" that has a set that won't frighten the horses and can slip into granny's favourite tune at the drop of a request, though we're adding new material all the time. And, we suppose, it all depends on what your granny's into.......

We play what we like, and what we like consists of some songs that just about everybody will know, mixed in with a few that only seasoned music lovers will remember, although everyone should enjoy them. We've got pop, rock (classic and modern), punk/new wave and some surprising golden oldies, and have enough material to allow us to tailor setlists for a particular audience or venue. You'll see from our gig list past and future that we get repeat bookings pretty much everywhere we go.

We'll consider any venue or occasion (we've played a divorce party, for instance) and we're very reasonably priced. Not cheap; reasonably priced. So get in touch with us.

Have a wander around the site to see the sort of stuff we play, what we look like and see/hear us in action.

We do this because we love it, and hope you will too.